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This is a dragon ball z rpg where you can live the life of your own custom character in the dbz universe.
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 Stardust Flash

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PostSubject: Stardust Flash   Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:34 pm

Name of move: Stardust Flash

Description of the move: The user kicks the enemy in the stumoch and then is followed by and uppercut then the user uses instant transmission to teleport behind the enemy and then the user shoots Stardust Flash which is like a blast which is yellowish goldy colour which is full of stardust and when it hits the enemy it causes a big amount of damage

Who can use the move (Only you or other people or every one or you can teach them it): Gogito (me)

Race that can use the move: Saiyan and 1/2 Saiyan

What Power Level do you need to achieve it: 1,000,000
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Stardust Flash
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