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This is a dragon ball z rpg where you can live the life of your own custom character in the dbz universe.
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 Tora(please accept me i love rpg's)

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PostSubject: Tora(please accept me i love rpg's)   Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:00 pm



Race: Saiyan

Character Image:http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/_img/chars/char_7315.jpg

History:Bardock was banished from planet Vegeta for telling his fellow saiyans Freiza was going to kil them all. Tora over heard what just happened and became angry. Filled with rage Tora races to the palace of King Vegeta to talk to him. King Vegeta with a horrible attitude ask what did this weakling want. Tora requested to have his own planet for low class saiyans. Intrigued by this idea King Vegeta grants Tora's wish, but under one condition. Tora had to take over the planet alone.
Tora then searches for a planet to take over. One year later Tora lands on an unknown planet with a population of 1,000 people. Tora challenged the leader to a fight for control. The two men battled for hours, but Tora was too much for the leader of this mysterious planet. Tora was know the new leader of this planet and he called it planet Tora. Tora then sent a messenger to planet Vegeta to tell the king that he has control of the planet.
King Vegeta in disbelief sends all of his low-class soldiers to the new planet. Tora trained all the saiyans to become stronger than the elites and eventually they was. In a meeting between Planet Tora and Vegeta get together they had the elites face off against the low-class warriors. After Tora's men disposed of some off the elites King Vegeta wanted the soldiers to stay and for Tora take the soldiers that lost.
Tora refused and to the king's shock he tells Tora he should kill him where he stands. Tora then snaps his finger and all of his men were there ready for a fight. King Vegeta in awe of the loyalty and respect they show to Tora and not him infuriated him. King Vegeta then tells the saiyans that he is the king they are his soldiers.
One of Tora's top soldiers speaks out and says" No! we are not you called us weaklings and Tora turned us into way more than elites. We are servants of lord Tora you are not a king of ours. What How dare you! King Vegeta says. I can wipe you all out with one blow. No you cannot we are far stronger than what you think my soldiers were holding back on your elites, Tora says.
What impossible your bluffing, King Vegeta says. Oh am I, then try me, says Tora. King Vegeta summons one of his top fighter's with a power level of 10,000. Tora summons his weakest warrior, but that warrior wasn't weak at all. Tell me King what does the scouter say about his power. King Vegeta laughs and says, This weakling has a power level of 1,000.
Ok hey soldier show him your true power. The saiyan then charges to his full power. What his power keeps rising its its amazing, says King Vegeta. You want his full power or half. Soldier stop. The soldier stops charging to his max power. Tell me what does your scouter say now king. It says 10,000, King Vegeta says in shock.
Oh wait thats not it, soldier show him your true power. The soldier then raises his power once again. Two minutes later the soldier stops. So, King Vegeta what does it say now. King Vegeta pauses and then says his his power is at 20,000. The Saiyan elites are shocked that this low level soldier has surpassed more than half of them. Don't jus stand there kill him, King Vegeta says to the elite. Then out of nowhere the low level soldier blows the elite to bits with his finger tips.
King Vegeta again tells Tora to leave his planet, but leave the soldiers. Tora looks King Vegeta in the eyes and says, I thought they told you their loyalty and respect belongs to me. These are my soldiers not yours so goodbye Vegeta. As Tora walks away King Vegeta throws a blast and Tora slapped it out of the way with one hand and says, don't insult me if you want to kill me use all of your power.
Goodbye my king and you are welcomed to come to Planet Tora all you want. Oh and make sure you tell freiza what you witnessed maybe he'll think twice befor trying to put fear in us. Tora and his soldiers then enters the spaceship and heads back home.
5 years later they returned to planet Vegeta. Hello King Vegeta. Oh! You are actually going to show respect, Lord Tora. Wow you called me Lord Tora. What happen to we are nothing,but weaklings. I must admit after the power your soldiers showed I cannot call them weak, but surely all of them does not have the power we have. As a matter of fact I want you to show us the might of King Vegeta. As you wish, but I must warn you you might not like what you witness. King Vegeta then begins to show his true power. AHHH....HAAA!!! What does your scouter say Tora!.
Well let me check. Tora activates his scouter. It says that your power level is 100,000 impressive. You may be strong,but your power is no match for mine. Then show me Tora! Well do you remember the legend of the super saiyan. Yeah what about it. Bardock I think it's time. Bardock comes foward with a smile on his face. Both men power up and King Vegeta's scouter broke withing seconds of the transformation.
Hello Vegeta. Oh! I want to fight the strongest elite you have or I can fight you. I don't believe you are a super saiyan, Take this Ha. King Vegeta throws a ki blast with all his power. Tora let the blast hit him full force, and didn't budge an inch. I'll just kill 10,000 of your soldiers. Bardock then launches a massive energy ball that could rival Frieza's and kills the soldiers. By Vegeta, Bardock lets go. Before they leave the planet Bardock grins and kills more of his soldiers.

(This story was originally meant for Bardock but since he was taken its now tora's. Sorry its so long I got carried away)
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PostSubject: Re: Tora(please accept me i love rpg's)   Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:27 am

Wow long Roleplay but the more the better i am bringing the site back since its been dead, welcome to Dragonball Z rpg online take quests and read the how to play before you start playing welcome.
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Tora(please accept me i love rpg's)
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