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This is a dragon ball z rpg where you can live the life of your own custom character in the dbz universe.
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 Saiyan training

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PostSubject: Saiyan training   Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:53 pm

Location: Planet Vegeta

Quest: You have trained hard but not hard enough to prove yourself to the King of all Saiyans, the King of Saiyans wants you to go through brutal Saiyan training if you dont survive then your not worthy to proove yourself to the king

Requirements: None

Rewards: 15,000 Power Level and 1,000 zenni

Tora you weakling meet me in the training room pronto! It was all Tora heard over the intercom as he was walking the streets of planet vegeta. As tora arrived at the training room he seen King vegeta standing there with 50 saibamen. Afraid of what was gonna happen he began to tremble. What the hell are you trembling for? Your a saiyan for cying out loud! Tora told himself. Suddenly King Vegeta made all the saibamen assume their fighting stances. Now Tora I feel that you have much to prove and you will prove it right now! All the Saibamen then charged at Tora. Thinking quickly he flew into the air to dodge, but the saibamen followed. Having no other choice but to fight Tora charges to full power and begins to go all out.

He charged at all 50 saibamen with no sense of fear. It would be the first time in a long time since Tora felt like a true saiyan again. With a new found sense of pride Tora smiles as he begins to take out some of the saibamen. The first 10 feel with ease as he simply blasted them to bits when he charged at all of them. Then 15 saibamen begin to take to Tora and after a minute the other 25 joined the fray. Tora was bleeding all over as if he bathed in blood. Even though he was on the verge of death, still he proceeded to fight. He amazingly found a way to take out 20 more saibamen, but with every passing second his power was diminishing. The remaining saibmen launched a ki blast simultaneously which hit Tora dead on as he tried to escape.

Out of nowhere a blast of dynamic proportions killed the remaining saibamen. As Tora faints he hears King Vegeta's voice. Get him to the healing chamber asap! He may not have been able to defeat them all, but he fought with the bravery and courage most elites need. Tora your a true saiyan warrior and when you return from your slumber of healing meet me in this very room. Tora wakes up a few hours later smiling. Well I guess its time to go meet the king, Tora says proudly. As he walks away Nappa gives him a look of hatred and then smiles. No one really knows what Nappa was thinking. One can only wonder.

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PostSubject: Re: Saiyan training   Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:02 pm

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Saiyan training
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