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This is a dragon ball z rpg where you can live the life of your own custom character in the dbz universe.
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 Races (only read this if your making a custom character)

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PostSubject: Races (only read this if your making a custom character)   Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:47 pm


Saiyans, were a proud race to be the strongest race in the whole galaxy, But one time they was completely whiped out by Frieza the changeling. But now an unknown person collected all the Dragon Balls and wished for his race to be revived so now the ferocious race are back. All Saiyans have black or brown hair and never change colour naturally, All Saiyans are born with a tail, the Tail is covered in brown fur. If a saiyan has a tail he can turn into Oozaru form (Giant Ape) on a full moon or by a power ball, a Power Ball is an artificial moon a saiyan will learn to produce if they want, they just throw the beam into the air and the Power Ball will stay there until destroyed. A saiyan is weak towards his tail, if someone grabbed it or damaged it, it would cause a great amount of pain to the saiyan and will cause him to freeze up, some saiyans train them selves so they become amune to the weakness. The Legendary Super Saiyan is another myth as a transformation but so was the Super Saiyan myth but all the Saiyans in the Z Fighters have proven it to be a reality.

To become the Legendary Super Saiyan just note in the bottom of your post if you want to have a shot at becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan, an admin will roll a dice and if it lands on 6 you will be the Legendary Super Saiyan along with Broly there will only be 2 Legendary Super Saiyans in this RPG.

Starting Power Level: Between 100 or 500 if low class Saiyan
Between 500 or 1000 if normal class Saiyan
Between 1000 or 2000 if elite class Saiyan

You will be decided what class you are by an admin rolling 1 dice, if you get under 3 you are low class Saiyan, if you get 4 or 5 you will be normal class Saiyan and if you get 6 you are an elite class Saiyan.


Android are a unique race first created by Doctor Gero who soon made himself a Android, Androids are not really a race they are fighting machines created by Doctor Gero so he could take over Planet Earth. Androids look very similar to Humans! Since Androids are very strong in the actual Dragon Ball Z series Androids should have a high starting Power Level. For it to be noted, you cannot sense an Androids Power Level.

Starting Power Level: Between 2000 or 3000


A Namekian have green skin and can hear things from very far away, Namekian are protective of their close ones. Some Namekians have the ability to heal when the others are warriors, The Guru is the king of Namekians. There home "Planet Namek" got destroyed during the battle between Goku and Frieza, They soon found a new home planet and called it New Planet Namek.

Starting Power Level: Between 100 or 400


Changelings such as Frieza, Cooler and King Cold dominated the Galaxy taking over Planets! A Changeling has 4 Transformations but must be powerful enough to unlock that transformation, If the Changeling is lucky he/she will be born with a 5th Transformation. Not much is known on Changelings because they are a very rare race, the most successful Changeling family was probably the Cold family, King cold and his sons Frieza and Cooler, they dominated the galaxy until a powerful Saiyan named Goku defeated them.

Starting Power Level: Between 3000 or 6000

An admin will roll 1 dice to see if you get a 5th Transformation, An admin needs to roll a 5 to see if you get it, it is a 1 in 6 possibility but this transformation is so rare, it only makes it fair!


Well i cant really tell you much about the Human race you dont already know, Humans live on Planet Earth and have an average Power Level of 5, But most humans have the potential to learn the use of their KI and have the ability to fly and use KI blasts and make your own moves made of KI, a Human who can use KI (well obviously you guys who select human are going to be able to use KI) Will have an average Power Level of 100+. There is a very rare power a human is sometimes born with is a Third Eye, if you are born with the third eye you start with 350 Power Level, if you want to have a Third Eye just say in your Join Application

Starting Power Level: Between 100 or 250

An admin will roll 1 dice to see if you are born with a Third Eye, if it rolls on 3 congratulations you was born with a third eye.


A demon is like Majin Buu, Janemba or Garlic Jr. demons normally come from eggs or are possessed by a demon within. There average Power Level is around 400 to start with.

Starting Power Level: Between 400 or 1000


Aliens are a race like what Frieza has working for him such as Dodoria but their not really a race because their are all different types of them. They are very popular around the galaxy and can start very powerful.

Starting Power Level: Between 100 or 2000

Half Saiyans:

This race are Half Saiyans and half some other race, mainly half Human, they have the ability to turn Super Saiyan like some other Saiyans have, but they need to train very hard and take the Super saiyan transformation quest if you want to become one.

Starting Power Level: Between 500 or 1000
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Races (only read this if your making a custom character)
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