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This is a dragon ball z rpg where you can live the life of your own custom character in the dbz universe.
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 Saiyan training Part.2

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PostSubject: Saiyan training Part.2   Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:13 pm

Location: Planet Vegeta

Quest: You have trained hard but not hard enough to prove yourself to the King of all Saiyans, the King of Saiyans wants you to go through brutal Saiyan training if you dont survive then your not worthy to proove yourself to the king

Requirements: None

Rewards: 15,000 Power Level and 1,000 zenni

Tora makes is way to the training room after he wakes up from his healing slumber. He then sees Nappa speeding towards the same area and he couldn't figure out why. Tora makes it to the training room to find Nappa standing on side of King Vegeta. Tora do you know how strong you've gotten. No my king, although I must admit I do feel stronger than before. Thats because you are Tora and I feel you still have much to prove in order to become a top class saiyan. Wait are you saying that your thinking about making me an elite saiyan soldier my king. Correct Tora, now Nappa has the power level of 4,000 and last I remember your power was barely reaching 2,000. f you can beat Nappa then you will have finally proven yourself. Nappa! Turn on your scouter I think its time we see Tora's power. Heh Heh I though you'd never ask. I won't hold back Nappa. Ha ha I'm an elite you weakling and never forget that.
I can tell right now that I can beat you. Well we'l just see what the scouter says. Nappa turns on his scouter only to tremble at the power Tora has gained in his short 3 day slumber. King Vegeta, Tora's power level is over 15,000. King Vegeta shows a slight face of amazement. Nappa I don't think thats truly all of it. I feel he's holding back. King Vegeta then calls out to Tora and tells him to use his full might. Tora begins to grin and begins to power up to his full might. During the process Nappa's scouter explodes as it hit the 20,000 mark. His voice cracking Nappa begins to beg King Vegeta to just upgrade Tora because they all knew Tora had the power to kill him with one blow.
King Vegeta then tells Tora to charge Nappa and if he can take out nappa then he would be upgraded. Little did Tora know, but Nappa wouldn't be the only one he fought that day. As the battle started Tora toyed with Nappa as if he were a child. After becoming bored he punched Nappa with only half his might and it rought Nappa down to his knees. King Vegeta began to clap and informed Tora he has one more opponent before he is considered a saiyan elite. Tora turns around to find that his opponent would be the king himself.
My liege are you sure. I've never been more sure in my life. Haaaaaa, yells King vegeta. Now lets fight. Tora decided to try his luck and charged the king. King Vegeta swung but Tora's speed was amazing. Tora then kicked the king straight in his face sending him flying. King Vegeta regains his balance and went all out. After decimating Tora for about 20 minutes, Tora decides to try and finish it. Tora raised his left hand as his anger rose so did the lightning around his body. This is something new I've been working on and I couldn't perfect it, but now that I have this new found power its more easier. King Vegeta shocked at this strange technique was unable to move and stop it. He just stood in amazement. I hope this works, HAAAAAAAA. Tora shoots the massive blast of lightning at King VegetaWhile yelling Lighting Rage Blast. Snapping back to his senses King Vegeta leaped out the way and the blast created a massive hole that went through the training room wall. No one has ever done that but the king and his son.
Tora faints and was again placed in the healing chamber. When he awoke and stepped out of the chamber, he found that he no longer had low class saiyan armor, but he officially became an elite.

( I hope I can do the same quest twice. I just really wanted to follow up on the first one. If I an't get the rewards I completely understand.Thanks)
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Saiyan training Part.2
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